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  • Industry status to Agriculture

  • Shift from subsistence farming to commercial operation

  • For better land use, diversification of cropping programme from uneconomic paddy to remunerative non paddy crops is advocated.

  • Increasing the seed replacement rate (SRR) to 30% in a period of 5 years (by 2005) by producing more foundation and certified seeds through seed village programme.

  • Increased use of bio-fertilisers.

  • Rapid farm mechanization.

  • Self sufficiency in foodgrains, vegetables, fruits, flowers, egg, milk ,fish and meat production

  • Expansion of irrigation to 50% of cultivated area by exploiting ground water potential through bore wells, shallow tube wells and direct lift from rivers.

  • Amelioration of problematic soils.

  • Entrepreneurship in agriculture and export orientation


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